Zip lining: Go Ape at Delemere Forest

go ape

Date: 5th July 2009
Where: Go Ape, Delemere Forest, UK
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Sliding down some of the highest and longest zip lines in the UK was great the only trouble was getting around the trees, which to be honest for most able bodied people is fine unless you’re a bit unfit like me. I did have to take ‘a breather’ a few times. But on the plus side I did do most of the harder routes and the Tarzan swings aswell.

Which considering my fear of heights the day wasn’t too bad and of Allans advice during the Tarzan swing of ‘looking down makes it easier’ oh ho ho ho!

So Dev, Jude and I travelled up to Allan’s in Crewe and stopped over the night so we could get up bright and early and travel just down the road to Delemere Forest. There are plenty of locations for Go Ape in the UK so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one near by, but the Delemere location had some of the best zip lines. I have heard that there is now one over Woburn Safari Park which must give great views (I would hope).

Anyway during the day the weather wasn’t great as it decided to lash it down but even the heavy rain didn’t spoil the day for us as we all clambered around¬† the trees on the 5 courses set up there. At first the introduction and first 2 courses seemed a bit of a jaunt and then I got to the hard routes where by I relied on my amazing sense of stupidity to counteract my vertigo. My fear of heights didn’t stop me in the end, nope, it was my lack of fitness and bodily control as I sweated my way across the second course. Note to self, must do more exercise.

Despite the fact that I know I’m clipped on to a safety harness and to the trees and various cables I still don’t want to fall off, so I have to try and do my best while clinging on for dear life trying to make it look as effortless and manly as possible. Still the zip line at the end of the course was worth it.

If you are faced with ‘the fear’ either on the Tarzan swing or on the zip line, the best thing is to first double check that you are attached, then just jump off – but do it the macho action star way with a yell that wouldn’t be amiss from Rambo “UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Throw a few poses and don’t worry about the landing, it is inevitable that you will land safely in the nice soft wood chips or on the cargo nets. Just don’t listen to anyone telling you to look down.

During the latter courses the scenary and views get more impressive as you are afforded panoramic views from up in the trees. And after the struggle of the earlier courses, now it doesn’t seem like much of a struggle to clamber around, even after the rain i am still having immense fun and I can see that despite her fear of falling, Jude is also having a great time. Allan and Dev are already clambering their way up and over to get to the last zip line, which when we get there the slight wind is enough to unnerve all of us as the platform gently sways with what feels like 100 metres distance above the ground.

I know it’s only swinging from trees but you can’t overlook the sense of achievement you get from doing it. Its fun and for ¬£25 each, its good value too.

Anything but sit at home. Sitting and relaxing is for work time.

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  • Looks like you had a great day. What an amazing write-up.
    We can see you… ahum… perfected the zip landing then! Little tip for the Tarzan swing for anyone reading, clip on and go. Don’t hesitate, don’t look around to see how many people are watching just go for it! And don’t forget the obligatory arrrrggggghhhhhhh (Tarzan Stylie).

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