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XS750: The Death Machine Cometh

XS750 first run

Wooo! Well after our work with cleaning the carbs and fixing the 2nd gear we got the bike started and it sounds awesome – it also seems to be running fine. As well as clean and refurbish the carburetors we fitted new sparkplugs and a new battery, the old plugs being burnt black and the old battery  was 2 amps under the needed capacity for the bike – that and it was leaking.

It was pretty easy putting the carbs back together and on the bike, most of our day was spent sitting around waiting for the battery to charge and then spending an hour or so trying to get the bike to start – checking the spark, each chamber, the carbs, the timing plate etc… and just dogged peserverance with the belief that it would start eventually.

Anyway thought I would share a video on here of its first time running since we got it 🙂 It sounds amazing… my neighbours will really hate me now.

Still needs some work doing to it though:

The carbs idle settings need to be adjusted, even after warm the bike will stall with the choke fully in. But its good to see that it’s not hunting revs. although the fuel/air mix its drawing may also need looking at since the old spark plugs were black.

The clutch currently has a mind of its own too so it’ll either be a new cable or attempting to fix the current one to make it more responsive.

Brakes work but the fronts a bit too stiff and the rear is a spongy.

Lights currently not working – could be time for the multimeter I think.

Exhaust seals need looking at.

But these are all minor things to fix so hopefully this will get taxed and MoT’d in the next few weeks. After this we can begin looking at customising the bike and refitting the original front wheel and dual discs, new handle bars and moving the pegs further back.