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11 Arduino Blogs for July

In a bid to help other Arduino users find some inspiration and help I’ve written a brief round-up of the latest blogs I’ve seen/ read from the Arduino Forums feel free to send me links to your blogs for my next post.

In no particular order other than alphabetical, 11 sites that are worth looking at for inspiration for Arduino – I’ll try and showcase some of the projects from these sites over the coming months. You can also find these sites linked from my Arduino link directory

Arduino Antics

A blog about Arduino, and antics to master it!

Home of the very useful MAXDAC libary for digital to analog convertors and the Digital Potentiometer library, free to download and use.



Software development and electronics

Some basic Arduino stuff and robotics – check out the robot project and detailed work with LCD screens with sample code and and diagrams.

Saving the Enviroment… maybe

2 very cool projects on here, controlling the garage door opening mechanism with Arduino and even better than that RFID tagging your cat to track it when it passes through the cat flap.

Home of HCC the Home Control Center

Detailed information for a Home Control Center that feeds data from various sensors around the home that can then send the information via TV, SMS or your PC.

Arduino Projects

more work with LCD screens, very neat project on there that displays web hits on a screen taken from the web server via the Arduino.

Arduino blog/ showcase

A good site for various projects from around the web,not just focused on Arduino but a fair amount of content to be found here.

Articles / guides / projects / e-commerce

Italian ecommerce site with projects and guides. Really nice project for working with a scooter using Arduino to read sensor information.


Random Hacks of Boredom

Title says it all. Hacking anything that has electricity running through it and even some things that dont.

Nice set of Arduino how-tos with the Wii nunchuck but the best one on there so far is the GPS bus shelter, check it out.


I built a basic robot, but this takes it a new level using the XBEE to communicate from the robot to the Arduino. I will definitely steal this information 🙂


Solder in the Veins

Electronics and programming for all

Good source of information for programming and electronics from around the web, projects not always Arduino but the inspiration is there – like a power outage alert system.


Time with Arduino

Learn. Think. Make.

Keeping time with Arduino in style, really nice clocks and watches with information on Wiseduino. Definitely worth checking out the Wiseduino kits.