Adding and changing Mod JK JVM route, URI encoding and thread settings for JBoss

jboss jvm uri threads

In your JBoss server there is a file that can be amended to alter the URI encoding and the number of threads used by JBoss. Additionally if you’re using mod_JK to link Apache HTTP and JBoss/Tomcat you can specify a JVM route parameter here that allows Apache to route incoming requests to the correct node.

To do this we need to look at the following file:

\jboss\server\[SERVER NAME]\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar\server.xml

In here we can amend a couple of parameters and add in a few extra values. For thread numbers and URI encoding look in the file for:


We can then edit the maxThreads parameter for more threads if needed although check your applications recommended threads, for instance ATG recommends no more than 250 threads per server. We can also add in the following parameter here for URI encoding which is: URIEncoding=”UTF-8″.


For the JVM route we need to amend this line in the server.xml file:

To the below, adding the jvmRoute parameter:

Doing this should help you with your mod_JK setups and remove a few issues between Apache and JBoss.

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